Bulk Edit Urls & Anchors on Submitted links

So you have a client that's a royal pain in the butt. What's the best decision you could make? That's right FIRE them! But now you have a slight problem on your hands... Yup, having to remove all their links on all the sites you've posted to. Manually doing it can be a job in itself, especially if you've been link building over more than just a couple of sites in your network. Now you can do it all in one shot with the Bulk Edit URL's and Submitted Links feature. Yup, all their links they had can now be deleted in a matter of seconds across all your sites.

The Vault

You can save articles and images directly inside of network crusader for future use. You no longer have to find articles or images in folders on your computer. You can save them directly in your Network Crusader account and pull them up instantly inside of your articles. This is a huge time, and space saver for all of our members.

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Manage Your Sites

You can update individual sites without having to log into wordpress and worrying about your IP or a footprint. You can edit posts, add posts, delete posts (same with pages). Add new authors, categories, update plugins, and update your themes. Safely and efficiently!

Uptime Monitor

Did you know that having a site that is constantly down can have a significant impact on your rankings? Well you don't need to worry about driving yourself crazy tracking and checking if your site is down and when it does go down. Let Network Crusader do the work for you! We track your uptime and response rate of all your sites. You can see an overall statistic on your dashboard, and get more in depth in the uptime monitor section to view each individual site.

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Multi-WP manager

I don't know about you, but I think it'd be pretty sweet to be able to update and edit multiple posts, pages, and sites, right? You know, like being able to update plugins, themes, and all of that without having to log into each of your site, or even worse use a system that requires you put one of those plugins on each one which leaves a footprint for Google to find. Well now you can! ;) That's right, with our Multi WP Manager you now can do it all, and do not just easily but safely as well. Pretty sweet huh?

Site Backups &
Instant Cloning

Have you ever tried to clone a site and move it to another host? Talk about a freaking nightmare! Nothing has made me want to pull out more hair (out of the little I have left) than trying to backup and move a site. Now I don't worry about it anymore. Network Crusader will back up your site for you, and with a few clicks of the mouse or trackpad (or something else for you fancy folks), you can have your site cloned and ready to roll in no time.

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